Remote Access web.apple.com/ist/access/remoteaccess
Linux on Dell http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~steveh/inspiron/

PPP Under Win 2000 Pro - Uncheck NetBui, IPX/SPX, and Log Onto Network
- Enable software compression, IP Header Compression, Default Gateway on Remote Connection
- Use TCP/IP
- Type of Dial Up Server: PPP for Win2000
Testing Modem -Ctrl-Panel > Modems > Properties > Diagnostics or
-Connect to a bbs (bulletin board service), used to define weather modem is connecting or not. No  protocols are used here, just tests the modem. Open a new HyperTerminal session (manually select   COM4 and configure for 57600bps. In the open window type:
  atz <enter>
Note: you may not see the letters displayed as your typing. Also the "atx4dt" part tells the modem to wait for a dialtone and the toll free number in [] is the AOL bbs. If the modem is working right you  should get a welcome screen. Simply log out after that point.
Support Sites http://www.pcsupport.com

Compressing Files
Using a Unix Shell
(Bourne, Korn etc.)

(gnutar and gzip a files) (note: use "gnutar" or just "tar"
1. type: "gnutar -cvf filename.tar newfoldername", where filename.tar is the new tar filename and newfoldername is the actual name of the file or folder you are compressing.
2. type: "gzip filename.tar" to add the *.tar.gz
UnCompressing Files
Using a Unix Shell
(Bourne, Korn etc.)
(Untar and Unzip a file)
1. Copy the attached file to a new directory
2. From a UNIX shell, in the new folder type:
3. "gzip -d FileName.tar.gz"
4. again type: "tar -xvf FileName.tar"

Access Win98 Configuration c:\msconfig.exe
Win98 Configuration Program for editing startup programs & TSR's

Unix Uses forward "/" instead of backslash "\"
ftp Use ftp and enter IP Adress of a machine to do direct transfer
Dr. Watson (Win 2K) DrWatson attaches itself to a process and runs debugging info that is stored in a log file. Simply kill this drwatson.exe from the task maager to free the processor.
Batch Programs & Shell Scripts *.bat files in Windows and shell script files in Unix used to automte tasks.