WebPage Tips:


Frames in HTML

1. Setup a page that contains the frameset information
2. Next setup pages that represent the actual frames
3. Check out www.pagetutor.com/pagetutor/frames/lesson01.html
Password Protection
Click For An Example
1. Create Javascript variable and function in the Head Tag
2. Add Javascript link in the Body Tag
3. Password = name of file + extension
4. If using frames, must inlcude the frame name in the function call
Uploading Links simply href = "//www.kyriakos.com/folder/filename.ext"
Comments Commenting text
<!--place comment here-->
Embedding an audio file
<p align="center"><EMBED SRC="sound/intro.wav" AUTOSTART=TRUE HIDDEN=TRUE
VOLUME="100%" AUTOREPEAT=ON></embed></p>
Case Sensitivity HTML tags and attributes are not case sensitive
Meta Data HTTP headers can be read to figure out a client's browser settings